Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates are a pop group based in Birmingham, England and San Francisco, California. Their debut album ‘The Fates’ was released on Metal Postcard Records in November 2014.

Please feel free to write to me here: matthewunfortunate@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Unfortunates

  1. Hi Matthew Edwards and The Unfortunates. I had the pleasure of catching your wonderful set at Lunar Festival last week. Just wanted to tell you how instantly i became a fan of your music, your music is beautiful, intricate, catchy, delicate and powerful. Matthew your voice is pure silk, your lyrics are top drawer and you give excellent live delivery Sir. Mightily impressed. I bought The Fates as soon as you finished your show and i can’t stop listening to it. Basically Thanks!!!! All the best wherever the musical dream spins its web in the world for you x


    1. We are preparing our third album at the moment and have been touring France. However, I am hopeful we’ll play B’ham before the end of the Summer. Like us on FB for all info. Thank you Jonathan.


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