An apology.

I have not maintained this page as I should have and I am terribly sorry. So much has happened since I last updated it:

I got signed to December Square records of Paris and in April 2019 they released our third album ‘The Birmingham Poets.’

*****    RnR Magazine

‘Edwards inhabits a soundworld of shadows and stained velvet, his dusty Bowie croon echoing through the junk-shop of the soul…’                                                                              **** Shindig! Magazine

‘Matthew Edwards should be up there amongst Britains most acclaimed modern singer-songwriters…’ HiFi News.

“This is called grace. The new Matthew Edwards album. A new classic: a record of which we know from the beginning that it will follow us down the years…’                               Abus Dangereaux (Fr)

Over the last year I have played in France a number of times and recently opened for Nouvelle Vague on their 15th Anniversary UK tour.

Next UK show is at Centrala, Birmingham, UK on Friday May 24th 2019. This Summer I/we will be performing some shows in CA before I return to the UK and France in October to tour. I’ll be posting further info soon. In the meantime ‘The Birmingham Poets’ can be purchased here:



On Friday Let’s Make Love In London

Hello Dear Friends,

Excuse, my absence from these pages. There is much news forthcoming…

This Friday evening, November 4th 2016 Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates perform a live concert at Paper Dress Vintage 352A Mare Street in Hackney, London. Opening the night are our friends Papernut Cambridge at 8.30PM, the Unfortunates at 9.30PM and MADAM at 10.30PM. This is a diverse and delightful bill at a lovely venue and should you be in the capital I sincerely hope you might attend?

There’s is a lot more info here:

Much Love

Matthew, Derick, Bobby and David.


September the 1st 2016

Hello Friends of the Unfortunates,

If you have accessed this blog/news page via our web-site I must apologise for the lack of recent information. We have not expired, nor fallen into a trance, rather we have simply been completing “Folklore” and not playing many shows. This will soon change… In November I am playing two solo shows in London and full-group shows in London and Birmingham.

Here is the sleeve for “Folklore” – Picture by Gary Alan Jones and layout by David Twist. We are also starting to work on some short films to coincide with the records release (early 2017).

In October/November I am playing two solo shows in London and full-group shows in London and Birmingham. Full dates are coming soon but one I can reveal is Friday November 4th at Paper Dress in London with MADAM and Papernut Cambridge.

Matthew edwards new LP 4.10 x 4.10 ins.

A brand new website will be up in the next month.

Much love to you all and much more news soon


September 1st 2016



All recording has been completed on our next record ‘Folklore’ – It is now in the hands of Eric Drew Feldman who will begin mixing in San Francisco very soon. I was beyond delighted to spend a day in the studio last week with possibly my favorite living singer who added vocals to two songs

In the near future we have a performance in London at Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston on Thursday March the 3rd. We play first at 9PM sharp followed by our friends Rotifer.

More news soon. Much Love. ME. February 16th 2016

Photograph by Gary Alan Jones


Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates are…

… a melancholy pop group based in Birmingham, England and San Francisco, California. The groups debut album ‘The Fates’ was released on San Francisco vinyl only label Last Tape Recordings in Spring 2014 and re-released by Metal Postcard records on CD in December 2014 to much critical acclaim. The record was produced by regular PJ Harvey collaborator Eric Drew Feldman. It garnered high praise.

The group play concerts in England and beyond and the follow-up to ‘The Fates’ entitled ‘Folklore’ will be released on Metal Postcard in September 2016.

‘Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates: Passing out at dinner parties since 2011’UnfortunatesGary

My Life In Showbusiness #1.

I was recently asked to list all the records I have made and a little about each:

1999, ‘Our Lives In Showbusiness’ The Hairdressers

I was signed to a West Coast jazz label M_____ Records (I refuse to acknowledge their name) for one album with my group The Hairdressers. They gave me a little dosh and a free reign so I decamped to Jesse Colin Young’s studio up in Point Reyes and recorded the whole thing pretty much live to tape… Then I waited and waited, then eventually it was released. One week later the label went bankrupt. Oh well. It sports a


lovely cover by my friend Rex Ray and three or four beautiful but rather unkempt songs ( I was in a fevered place during it’s creation, ha!). It garnered a single review in an auspicious LA fanzine where it garnered mind-bogglingly over the top praise. Then, nothing.

Postscript: Later I bought the rights and remaining stock off one of the original directors of the company: I literally cornered him in a parking lot with the paperwork and paid him cash.

It is available from me for P&P. Do not buy it on Amazon for $35!

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