My Life In Showbusiness #1.

I was recently asked to list all the records I have made and a little about each:

1999, ‘Our Lives In Showbusiness’ The Hairdressers

I was signed to a West Coast jazz label M_____ Records (I refuse to acknowledge their name) for one album with my group The Hairdressers. They gave me a little dosh and a free reign so I decamped to Jesse Colin Young’s studio up in Point Reyes and recorded the whole thing pretty much live to tape… Then I waited and waited, then eventually it was released. One week later the label went bankrupt. Oh well. It sports a


lovely cover by my friend Rex Ray and three or four beautiful but rather unkempt songs ( I was in a fevered place during it’s creation, ha!). It garnered a single review in an auspicious LA fanzine where it garnered mind-bogglingly over the top praise. Then, nothing.

Postscript: Later I bought the rights and remaining stock off one of the original directors of the company: I literally cornered him in a parking lot with the paperwork and paid him cash.

It is available from me for P&P. Do not buy it on Amazon for $35!

Next: The Music Lovers on The Le Grand Magistery


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